Le Café BohèmeLe Café Bohème

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About us

Bohème since 2000 …

     and new ownership since 2021 !

Situated in the old Tadoussac general store, Café Bohème is a casual bistro with an effervescent ambiance by day and jazzy feel by night. City-style bistro for some, the charm of the country for others, it remains a travelers’ bistro, just the way we like them!

Culture, creativity and innovation took up permanent residence from the outset, while equity and quality persist as the very cornerstones of the venture. These values not only attract like-minded clients they also animate the entire Café Bohème team. Born in 2000, Café Bohème has changed hands in April 2021 and became the new passion of French couple Aurore Perrinel and chef Florent Garcia.

It is our pleasure to greet you !